The New Website

I have a friend from high school. In fact, we played music together, though mostly we were in different bands. Dennis graduated and went straight to Art school: Paier and Ringling, and has supported himself […]

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Welcome to Texas

In February, Mike and I moved to Texas; DFW to be precise. We located closer to Fort Worth, in Keller. Our house is amazing and what they say about living off the West Coast is […]

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Salad Days (are here again)

I just finished a painting titled Salad Days (are here again).  The painting is inspired and loosely based on a Procol Harum song from 1968. More on that later. The term ‘Salad Days’ comes to […]

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Talking About My Art

I got interviewed today for a local Facebook ‘cool things in Vegas’ page.  I’ll post the interview when it comes out.   On the way over to the Arts Factory, I thought about how I (and […]

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Becoming an Artist: The Power of Language

There comes a time when you have to make a decision about where Art fits in your identity. Are you an Artist? Yes or no? When was the last time you answered ‘I am an […]

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September at The Arts Factory

I hung my show at The World Famous Las Vegas Arts Factory on Friday.  As mentioned earlier, this month I’m doing photographs – or, rather, a photograph, reproduced 3 times with different treatments.   I am […]

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It’s Been A Good Summer!

Let’s see . . . I sold one in May, two in June and three in July.  I know that doesn’t sound like much and I sure couldn’t support my lavish lifestyle on the money, […]

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Self Managed Websites for Artists

My friend, Lisa Dittrich, asked about how I set up my website.  I thought I’d do double duty with my answer by posting it here.  If you are an artist and want to manage your […]

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Blood on the Dancefloor – 6 12 16

This piece was sold yesterday to a couple of guys who will hang it in their home in Houston.  I was not at the gallery at the time, so I didn’t get to meet them. […]

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Learning to Draw . . . Again

I’ve never considered myself a good draftsperson.  I don’t think I draw GOOD.  That’s probably because I don’t have the patience to sit and stare at an object or person or photo for long periods, […]

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Deciding How to Display My Art

It’s happened.  I have been officially dubbed ‘Prolific.’  It was Jana Lynch, owner of Jana’s RedRoom Gallery in the Arts Factory who so dubbed me.  By that she meant I create a lot of art […]

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Naked for Art

This morning,I came across this piece, written exactly 3 years ago to the day.  It gave me a good chuckle so I thought I’d share it here on my Artist website.  Enjoy!  And remember:  say […]

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I’ve started creating short ‘commercials’ for my shows here in Las Vegas.  It started when Jana Lynch started experimenting with ‘RedRoom Live,’ her local cable television show. She was looking for sponsors and I volunteered, […]

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It has been 6 weeks since my ‘ReBoot.’  If my attitude and artistic energy level are any indication, it has been a success.  I am painting almost every day and completing 4 – 5 new […]

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Sometimes the best solution is to control-alt-delete . . . and if that doesn’t work, hold down the on/off button for 12 seconds and start over.  Who knows why computers freeze.   Perhaps it is […]

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Music Madness

There is an OLD Jefferson Airplane song, largely forgotten, that’s been in my head for weeks.  It’s called, ‘If You Feel.’  Here it is:   While lots of fun, it’s not exactly their best effort. […]

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Commission Inhibition

Oh My!  I have friends in Oregon with a wonderful custom built home up on a hill overlooking the Columbia River.  The house is amazing, very modern and well built; and they have been saving […]

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Planfully Intuitive

I am proudly intuitive in painting.  I work hard NOT to think too much when I put pigment to canvas.  Working intuitively nurtures the curiosity, surprise and wonder that make painting the valuable exercise it […]

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I am learning that, as an intuitive painter, I am directed by the emotional climate around me. Peace, harmony, confidence:  my painting is calm but intriguing.  Angry, hateful, frightened:  it is garish; it clashes like […]

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Planning for December

I have two shows coming up in December and now the planning begins! First is my wall at The Corner Gallery.  It’s really a great wall! I’m on it right now and will have it again […]

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Las Vegas Contemporary Art Show At The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

I was contacted last month by The Conception Arts group.  They hold one night, event-style art shows in major cities around the country.  One of their principals had seen my work on Instagram and suggested […]

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The hardest part of my process is the finale. It begins when the canvas I’m working begins to come together. Prior to that moment, it’s all intuitive, physical movement and dancing, sometimes (seemingly) without purpose. […]

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Get Outta My Way!

The title is a song by Kylie Minogue.  I play it often when cycling because of the beat.  The lyrics are interesting, too.  On first listen it seems to be a break-up song, a declaration of […]

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I’ve been learning how to use Instagram to promote my art.  It’s a marvelous tool!  What makes it different from, say, Facebook, is that Instagram is searchable.   With Facebook, you post something and maybe […]

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Drawing in Code

I’ve already waxed poetic about code in this blog, specifically how a circle in an abstract painting is often code for a face, how a horizontal line is often code for a landscape (they don’t […]

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6 Symptoms of Being Off Track

I can get off track pretty quickly.  Last week I spent several days utterly mired in crap.  I didn’t even realize it until I walked away for a day and then came back to see […]

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I love blank verse . . . but I more appreciate poetry with meter and occasional rhyme.  To be creative within the context of rules and structure is genius.

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Cover-up and Reveal

My older work was based on cover-up and reveal.  I used masking fluid . . . ok . . . .rubber cement, to mask off areas of the canvas before flooding it with (usually) very […]

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Pricing Your Art

(Aside:  I asked a few good friends to get an advance look at this website and the #1 comment I got back was that I needed prices and purchase options.  One friend said, ‘Quit being […]

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Why Geometry (Sometimes) Matters

I wrestle with geometry all the time.  Horizontal, vertical and diagonal.  Circle, square, triangle.  On and On and On. If I am painting intuitively, without intention, what is that sharp, flat, horizontal line doing on […]

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My signature – the one I use on my paintings – is evolving. That’s a good word:  evolving.  It indicates change over time.  My signature has changed over time but slowly. Thirty years ago I […]

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Process vs. Product

I’ve already waxed poetic about the process of painting and its importance to me as an artist over the product that is created, the piece of art.  I get great insight and enjoyment out of […]

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Viva Las Vegas!

I have lived in the desert for all of eight months now.  It is mid-August and I was sure that by now I’d be cursing the heat . . . but I’m not.  June was […]

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