Las Vegas Contemporary Art Show At The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

I was contacted last month by The Conception Arts group.  They hold one night, event-style art shows in major cities around the country.  One of their principals had seen my work on Instagram and suggested I submit for the show coming up in November at the Hard Rock here in Las Vegas.  I did and was accepted!

It was a bit of a challenge in that my allotted space was 5′ X 5′ – which would be fine for an artist showing smaller work; but my things are BIG!  I have one piece up at The Corner Gallery this month that is 6′ Square!  

So I had to be judicious in my selection.  I decided that a few well placed pieces that followed a rough artistic theme would be better than cramming as much as I could into my small space.  I chose one medium sized piece (‘Dog Joy’) and three smaller pieces relating to Western landscapes.  

Display LV Contemporary Art Show

This is a picture of my chain-link fence space.  In addition to an Artist Statement and Name Banner, I included a QR code that led to my website.  Also, I borrowed an idea from my friend, Marsha R. Bonner.   An extraordinary person, she posted a ‘Take What You Need’ sign on Facebook a few monthswhatyouneed back and I thought it was an excellent idea (Thank you, Marsha – you enrich me).  I printed my website address on the back of each tab. 

Not in the picture are two Conductor’s Music Stands.  One had an 11 inch tablet velcroed in place, playing a slideshow of my paintings.  The other held my ‘Book,’ a leather binder with large photos of all of my work.  

As the night progressed, my big yellow ‘Dog’ drew people over.  ‘What do you see?’ I’d ask.  I got: a whale, a pig, a horse, a nude on a sofa and two people having sex.  Oh, I also got a dog having his back scratched.  From there they’d usually focus on one of the smaller pieces or gravitate to the tablet.  I had one group of three youngish people spend about half an hour going through the slides.

Almost everybody stopped to ‘Take What They Needed,’ though a few read the sign, thought, and then said, ‘I have everything I need.’

I didn’t sell anything, though I ran out of cards and had serious conversations with a handful of people I hope to stay in touch with.  The surprise of the night came when the show closed and it was announced that I’d won The Excellence Award – their equivalent of Best of Show!  True, I didn’t come to win an award, but it sure will look good on my resume!  And — though I also have everything I need — a little external validation is always appreciated.

I did a short interview with one of the show’s organizers.  We talked about process and concept and what I’m trying to communicate.  Here is a short clip of from that conversation:

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  1. Sounds wonderful! Yes, often the sale is not the most important aspect, networking and getting your work and name out there is huge, Never know what these things will lead to. I am honored to have your work in my gallery. Congratulations!

  2. Thank you, Chris. I am so grateful for your help!

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