Viva Las Vegas!

I have lived in the desert for all of eight months now.  It is mid-August and I was sure that by now I’d be cursing the heat . . . but I’m not.  June was the hottest month, peaking at 112 degrees.  July was a little cooler and now, in August we have whole weeks where it doesn’t get to 100!

And, of course:  it’s a dry heat! That’s what all the locals say and they say it with a wink.  But it is true.  I’d take 105 here over 90 in Atlanta any day!

A major goal of mine has been to immerse myself in the local art scene.  While immersion has not happened (I’ve been a little busy), I have gotten my toe wet.  I joined the Las Vegas Artist Guild and have attended their meetings – which are actually quite good.

That group put me in touch with The Corner Gallery and Christina Frausto who has one wing of her space dedicated to LVAG members.  I’ve had 5 pieces in there so far.  Chris is a delight and is expanding her space.  She’s offered me my own wall – which will make me one of her featured artists.  I’ll show every month and change the show each month.  The gallery is in the center of the Las Vegas Arts District and has a slow but steady stream of lookers . . . except on the first Thursday and Friday of every month, when it’s a mob scene!  I think this could be very good for me.

This website is new.  It is built in WordPress,  a platform with which I get along quite well, using a paid template called Photocrati. It has been easy to configure and customize and I give it a strong recommendation if you’re looking for a self-managed artist website (assuming you are not a tech bozo).

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