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Becoming an Artist: The Power of Language

There comes a time when you have to make a decision about where Art fits in your identity. Are you an Artist? Yes or no? When was the last time you answered ‘I am an […]

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Deciding How to Display My Art

It’s happened.  I have been officially dubbed ‘Prolific.’  It was Jana Lynch, owner of Jana’s RedRoom Gallery in the Arts Factory who so dubbed me.  By that she meant I create a lot of art […]

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Planning for December

I have two shows coming up in December and now the planning begins! First is my wall at The Corner Gallery.  It’s really a great wall! I’m on it right now and will have it again […]

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Viva Las Vegas!

I have lived in the desert for all of eight months now.  It is mid-August and I was sure that by now I’d be cursing the heat . . . but I’m not.  June was […]

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