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Music Madness

There is an OLD Jefferson Airplane song, largely forgotten, that’s been in my head for weeks.  It’s called, ‘If You Feel.’  Here it is:   While lots of fun, it’s not exactly their best effort. […]

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Commission Inhibition

Oh My!  I have friends in Oregon with a wonderful custom built home up on a hill overlooking the Columbia River.  The house is amazing, very modern and well built; and they have been saving […]

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Drawing in Code

I’ve already waxed poetic about code in this blog, specifically how a circle in an abstract painting is often code for a face, how a horizontal line is often code for a landscape (they don’t […]

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6 Symptoms of Being Off Track

I can get off track pretty quickly.  Last week I spent several days utterly mired in crap.  I didn’t even realize it until I walked away for a day and then came back to see […]

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