I don’t price my work on the website; there are just too many variables, too much potential for misunderstanding. I can, however, give some guidelines.

Typically I use a square inch method to guide my pricing. I usually go between $.75 and $1 a square inch. However, that’s just a starting point! Larger pieces will be on the lower end of that scale, smaller pieces near the top. Finally, there’s a subjective factor: Do I think this is one of my better pieces? Was it harder or more expensive to create?

So, a 30 x 40 inch piece might price out at $1,100. A 48 x 60 inch piece might come in at about $2,400. 18 x 20 might be less than $500. These are just hypothetical, ballpark numbers.

I usually don’t sell prints of anything except photographs. Everything else is a one-of-a-kind original. I know that shuts out a lot of potential collectors who are on a tighter budget; so I have a solution. I’ll keep track of your comments. If I see a number of comments along the lines of ‘I love this. Wish I could afford it,’ I’ll do a limited run of that piece, say 10 prints. Each will be hand embellished – so they’ll still be one-of-a-kind – and I will sign each one. Of course, they will be much less expensive than the originals.

I hope this provides the guidance you need about pricing. Please contact me to discuss any specific piece.

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