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James F. Dingman

 3673 Curlew Street

 San Diego, CA 92103

 Phone: (619) 800-4744




Teacher: I taught emotionally disturbed adolescents reading, English, and math for five years after college. It was wonderful, rewarding work that didn’t pay much. Ultimately, economics forced me to consider other options.


REALTOR®: My father had a real estate office. I joined it and then became one of the first Century 21 franchisees in Georgia. I listed, sold, recruited and built that company for 7 years, sold it and briefly stayed to manage for the Broker who bought it.


Vice President of Performance: I went to work for Century 21, the franchisor, as a business consultant. At first I worked with offices on profitability issues. Over time I did more and more training and instructional design. Eventually I made my way to Headquarters and rose to Vice President. For seven years I designed, created and implemented all the training courses the company delivered nationally. The largest of these was 21Plus, a five day classroom experience for new salespeople. Other major contributions were the Sales Performance System, Quality Service Course and Coaching Skills Course. The programs were delivered by a team of about 80 trainers and consultants around the country and their continual skill development was an important part of producing a quality product.


Independent Consultant: I left Century 21 in 1995 and formed Performance Solutions Group to work with other companies on training, management and operational issues. Most of my work came from the large national franchises: Century 21, Coldwell Banker, ERA, and Prudential. In addition, I worked with a couple of start-up real estate companies and a number of organizations outside the real estate industry.


Chief Development Officer: Early in the new Millennium I found Help-U-Sell. First there was a project: revamp their new franchisee University. As I worked on that I realized that the Help-U-Sell business model and consumer offering were superior to anything I’d seen in the industry in terms of customer delight and broker profitability. I knew the real estate business was broken: profits were non-existent, agents flashed like comets and then burned out and all the while, the consumer became less and less enamored with us. Help-U-Sell put the broker back in control, returned the focus of the business back to listing and selling real estate (as opposed to recruiting real estate salespeople), and did it in a way that turned clients into exuberant fans. There’s been turmoil – explosive growth followed by the previous owner’s bankruptcy – but today the company is sound, debt free, blessed with enlightened leadership and moving up and out of the worst real estate market in history. As Chief Development Officer my job is to find and develop anything that will make us stronger. The goal is for consumers in this improving real estate market to recognize Help-U-Sell as the powerful alternative to the old way of doing business.



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