I am a proud member of ISPI, the International Society for Performance Improvement, and embrace their HPT/ISD point of view.  I believe in beginning with solid analysis before proposing any organizational change or problem resolution.  So often, when problems become apparent it's easy to shout, 'We need a training program!' or a new rule or a new procedure without really digging down to find the root of the problem.


Help-U-Sell University is a good example.  For a number of years, that sacred cow was a five day classroom experience, a process for installing the brand's operating system in new brokers' minds and in their offices.  It was quite the show.  The problem was:  attendees returned to their local marketplaces full of enthusiasm and botched the installation.  Invariably they got off track, started re-inventing the system and began to look more and more like their competitors.  We had a field mechanism in place to ensure proper implementation:  our cadre of 34 Regional Directors who were charged with responsibility for University follow-up.  But still, somehow the end result of all that training and follow-up rarely lived up to expectations.


My partner, Jeanne Strayer, and I set about understanding the problem and the players and where the breakdowns were occurring.  We surveyed many recent and not so recent attendees of the University, interviewed a broad cross-section and discussed the issue with the Regional Directors.

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