Kudos for 21Plus


21Plus was a five day training program for newly licensed Century 21 real estate agents from the early ’90s through 2005.  During that period, 10,000 – 15,000 people a year attended the course.


21Plus was more than a recycling of the same old information real estate agents had been hearing for years.  Instead, it started with the practices of our best agents.  We noticed they often didn’t do the things most real estate training courses taught.  Instead of practicing slick techniques, they were consulting with their clients and going way above and beyond to deliver exceptional service.  That approach became the heart and soul of 21Plus.


The scope of this program was huge.  It included three hours of broadcast quality video (used primarily for modelling behavior), a set of audio tapes for dialog practice, a student guide and resource book, a salesperson portfolio, a Listing presentation, a facilitator guide and slides to direct each class.


Perhaps the biggest challenge with 21Plus was a cultural change.  Up to that time, real estate training was personality driven, relying on the strength of a ‘Sage on the Stage’ to inspire students into action.  Because 21Plus was a course in consultative selling we knew we had to ground it firmly in adult learning principals that would produce a change in behavior, and that a facilitative, ‘Guide on the Side’ classroom approach would be essential.  By involving our existing trainers (all of  whom secretly wanted to be the next Tom Hopkins or Danielle Kennedy) every step of the way and slowly making a convincing case for a facilitative approach, we accomplished the change; and the program was a massive success.


We received dozens of enthusiastic comments about 21Plus and I have excerpted some of my favorites here:



"Our Brokers, Managers and Agents alike have nothing but praise for the content, delivery and image 21Plus represents.  In my opinion, it is one of the finest training programs in existence today."

–Kathleen O’Shaunnessey, Regional Director



"My educational background is in Behavioral Sciences and Educational Methodology and I can safely say that the new 21Plus training is the best training program we have ever had and the best in the real estate industry. It is a true winner!"

–Robert Alexander, Director of Education



"In my 21 year real estate career, I have never experienced the dedication towards any project as displayed by James Dingman and Jeanne Strayer!  They worked, they listened, then they would work and listen more.  The whole process was quite amazing and inspirational to those of us fortunate enough to observe and interact throughout the development of this magnificent program."

–Barbara Mayer, Sales Performance Consultant



"I am amazed and in awe of how you allowed each of us to participate, brainstorm, cling to ‘sacred cows,’ change opinions in mid-stream and GROW through every section of the course without throwing up your hands in pure frustration!"

–Michelle Gillespie, Performance Director

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