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I came to Help-U-Sell to overhaul their new member University in 2003 and, except for a brief hiatus, have continued to preach the virtues of this amazing brand ever since.  I've had dozens of projects with Help-U-Sell but only one job:  to find and develop ways for our brokers to do more business.  I humbly confess that I am in love with the Help-U-Sell business model, the company's core values and where we 'fit' in the real estate universe.  I am convinced that a reasonable set fee for service model coupled with technology that makes the process easier will be the future of real estate and I am excited to be part of that evolution.  Today I have come full circle with Help-U-Sell.  I am once again overhauling University, converting it to a coaching driven distance learning experience; but I spend most of my time working with brokers one-on-one and in groups as we navigate the difficult business climate of the past few years.


Cendant Corporation

Crest EDG Broker Management Reports. A comprehensive set of productivity reports reflecting listings, sales, per person productivity, and production trends. Became the basis for business consulting and planning within franchise offices.


Century 21 Real Estate:

Sales Performance System: A comprehensive six-week coaching driven program for developing effective real estate sales skills. Included audio and video vignettes, self-study, field exercises, live training and coaching. 21 Plus: The core training program for all new Century 21 Associates. Five days of in class instruction in listing and selling real estate. Included video, audio, live instruction and field exercises. Coaching Skills Workshop: A highly experiential course for developing effective coaching skills for brokers and managers. Focused on guided questioning, active listening,  effective feedback, giving direction, and problem resolution. Quality Service Course: A total package for developing a system-wide service culture. Included training for brokers and training/coaching materials for them to use with their sales associates.


Flickers Franchising:

Definition and documentation of a retail store operating system in preparation for franchising.


PRA Destination Management:

Development of a modular distance learning solution for ten office national organization.


World Realty Group:

Creation of a For Sale By Owner product including operations manuals, sales presentations, training and sales tools.


IDEC Pharmaceuticals:

Completion of a needs assessment and formulation of subsequent strategies for developing supervisors in a high tech work environment.


Prudential Real Estate Affiliates:

Managing Sales Performance: a management development program focused on recruiting, per person productivity and leadership.


Global Realty Marketing:

Take Your Real Estate Career to a Whole New Level: A weekly web seminar on the state of the real estate industry and the benefits of a career with GRM.

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