I’ve been blogging heavily for ten years, but I was blogging for somebody else:  a company, a cause.  As I was cleaning up and dismantling some of those old sites, I realized there was a bit of content that was actually personal, about me, what I think and where I have been.  It seemed a shame to trash that . . . so it ended up here.  And now I have yet another blog to keep, but this one may be the most important.

You can read the resume and other things at jamesdingman.com for details about my professional life, but here is the two sentence version:

I started out as a teacher of emotionally disturbed adolescents, but in my late 20’s got into real estate where I had a rich career as a salesperson, broker, and as a corporate executive working for real estate franchisors.  I was VP of Training and Performance at Century 21 and then ran Help-U-Sell for a number of years (with a handful of contract gigs in-between).

On a more personal level, I started out to be an artist.  That’s what I studied in college, and I can’t say I ever abandoned the notion . . . I just adapted it to the business world.  Most people – in business and in life – describe me as ‘creative,’  I guess because I make a lot of stuff and look for new ways to do almost everything . . . but that’s just the artist in me.

Near Mt. Arenal volcano, Costa Rica

Today, I have a new job:  Me, inc.  When Help-U-Sell did not renew my contract in December 2012, I had to make a few decisions.  Did I need to rush out and find a J.O.B?  Maybe start a new business?  Or was it time to drift awhile, devote a little more time to my art and see what opportunities emerged . . . and of course, that’s what I did.

I am spending a lot of time in Southern Mexico – in fact, I leave tonight for five months.  It’s a different world, and indigenous world full of mystery and magic and I feel both awed by its strangeness and embraced by it . . . an odd combination of emotions.


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