Show Pads? Really?

I am watching the LA broadcast of the Dodgers game in San Diego.  I’ve heard the pregame broadcasters refer to the  Padres as the ‘Show Pads’ several times.  What the heck is that?  I started Googling and Googling.  Finally I found it:

A ‘Show Pad’ is a horse blanket.  It is the blanket that sits on the horse’s back, under the saddle.  I take it that is a derogatory.  Kinda like a door mat, just sweatier.

Well here’s a question for the highly monied team to the north:  do you have any idea where the name ‘Dodgers’ comes from?

I thought not.

In the early days the team was located in Brooklyn, of course.  But Brooklyn was a bit of a crossroads for various trolley lines. The team name was a bit of a derogatory itself, because originally, it was:


Got that mental picture?  People scrambling around to get out of the way of the Trolleys.

So, Trolley Dodgers, welcome to San Diego, where our mass transit is a Trolley System!  Coincidence?  I think not!

I don’t know who will win this game or this series.  But I do believe the Show Pads will be right in it at the end of the season with the Trolley Dodgers.  I guess we’ll see who wants it more then.