Why I Love Help-U-Sell

It’s simple: this is a real estate company that puts the consumer first.

I know that sounds like a slogan; and it is something any real estate company would probably say. But in this case it is a powerful truth.

Ordinary real estate companies put the agent first. It is a tradition that goes back to the 1970s, when brokers realized that every time they added an agent, they added that agent’s sphere of influence, his or her client base. Suddenly brokers decided the way to grow and be profitable was to add more and more agents. They got out of the real estate business and into the recruiting business.

Today, there is not one whit of difference in the basic consumer offering of any ordinary real estate company. What distinguishes one from another is what they have to offer agents. Keller-Williams’ competitive edge has nothing to do with what they do for consumers. It’s all about what they do for their agents. Same is true for Re/Max, Coldwel Banker, Century 21 and every large local independent in the country.

I love Help-U-Sell for NOT playing that game. As the rest of the industry decided that the key to success was recruit anyone who had a license, Help-U-Sell focused on selling real estate. It developed a logical and fair method of pricing services that was far less costly to consumers than what ordinary brokers charged. It focused marketing on getting its message out and on getting its listings sold – not on attracting more and more agents.

Here, look at this:

Stupid Century 21 Ad

Not only is this ad just plain stupid on its face, it has nothing to do with the consumer side of selling real estate. And this is how Century 21 spends the massive national advertising war chest funded by its members! Just like every other ordinary real estate company, they have defined their bullseye: it’s all about the agent. It has nothing to do with consumers or selling real estate.

Of course, the reason it has nothing to do with consumers and selling real estate is that Century 21, like Re/Max, Keller, et. al – none of them have a unique consumer proposition! They all do exactly the same thing for (or to, depending on your perspective) consumers. Their consumer operating systems are interchangeable. And it is the same operating system that was in place 50 years ago.

I love Help-U-Sell because they took a long, cold, scientific look at the ordinary real estate business and redesigned it from inside out with logic, fairness and a razor focus on giving consumers what they wanted. They wanted to buy and sell quickly, with a minimum of hassle, inconvenience and drama, and they didn’t want to pay an arm and a leg for it. They wanted professional guidance for a reasonable fee. They wanted to look at the commission line on the HUD-1 closing statement and NOT feel used, abused and taken advantage of. They wanted their real estate professionals to make a living . . . not a killing.

And that’s what Help-U-Sell is all about.