Uncluttering Your Electronic Life (Part II)

It’s simple: this is a real estate company that puts the consumer first.

I know that sounds like a slogan; and it is something any real estate company would probably say. But in this case it is a powerful truth.

Ordinary real estate companies put the agent first. It is a tradition that goes back to the 1970s, when brokers realized that every time they added an agent, they added that agent’s sphere of influence, his or her client base. Suddenly brokers decided the way to grow and be profitable was to add more and more agents. They got out of the real estate business and into the recruiting business.

Today, there is not one whit of difference in the basic consumer offering of any ordinary real estate company. What distinguishes one from another is what they have to offer agents. A couple of posts ago I talked about making a conscious effort to ‘Unsubscribe’ from junk mail feeds you receive. You know what I’m talking about: all of that mail you get every week (sometimes every day) from some cause or vendor to whom you inadvertently did (or didn’t) give your email address. Now you get their messages so regularly that you recognize them in your mail box and instantly hit ‘delete.’ I suggested it’s time to make all of that disappear for good and urged you to spend a few minutes each day in all of your mailboxes (including spam and trash), unsubscribing.

I’ve actually been at it for about 3 weeks and my inbox is soo much cleaner. Almost everything I receive has relevance and I’m spending very little time skipping and deleting. It feels much lighter!

Now I’m going to suggest you do the same thing with your Facebook Newsfeed. If you are like me you have dozens of ’Friends’ you’ve never met, many more you know only casually. Some of them may be HUGE Facebook users, posting ten to twenty things a day, all in your Newsfeed, making it very difficult to find the posts about which you really care. You don’t want to ‘Unfriend’ these people – that would be rude; and it’s not that you dislike them . . . you just don’t care much about the things they are posting.

An example would be the Title Rep I met at a party a few years ago. I’m sure she’s a great Title Rep and she’s doing a bang-up job keeping her name in front of the people she’d to refer business to her. But I don’t sell real estate (at the moment), don’t need a Title Rep, and rarely see anything in her postings that causes me to click for more information. In addition, I don’t think she has ever ‘Commented’ on or even ‘Liked’ anything I’ve ever posted. I don’t want to ‘Unfriend’ her – I might need a Title Rep some day. But I don’t want all of her junk cluttering up my Newsfeed.

Here’s the solution. Find one of her posts in the Newfeed. Click the little down arrow in the upper right of the post. Scroll down and select ‘Unfollow Suzie Title Rep.’ Her stuff will no longer appear in your Newsfeed, but she will sty on your ‘Friends’ list. She will still be able to message you and to post directly on your Timeline (with your permission), and vice versa, it’s just that now her routine postings will not appear in your Newsfeed.

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  1. Thanks, James, for the reminder! I unsubscribed to an unholy host of emails a few months back and reclaimed some daily time better spent than doing the “robot delete” exercise in my mailbox! Time to do it again.

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